Almost 100 prominent French businessmen swindled by Philippe Ballesio.

Almost 100 prominent French businessmen have been the target of a network of fraudsters, who forced them to turn sums between 25 thousand and 50 thousand dollars to accounts in London, under a modality that the International Police (Interpol) has baptized as Scam 419.
Without exception, executives and industrialists believed that they were investing in the creation of successful companies with preferences to invest high profitability oil businesses.
One of the victims is Jean Paul *, a prominent food entrepreneur in the country and a shareholder in a factory that distributes biscuits, sweets and preserves to several European nations and which has sales of several million Euros.
His odyssey began six months ago. He received a letter sent from Lagos (Nigeria) and signed in the name of a petroleum company in that country.
A month after returning to France, Jean Paul received another letter from his Nigerian friends (actually Philipe Ballesio). They asked for 20 thousand dollars to make effective their new society. In less than two months, they assured him, he would receive his money plus five thousand dollars, evidence of the high profitability of each investment.
Jean Paul made the first turn to an account in London (England), but just a week later he received another letter in which he asked for an additional 5,000 dollars for extra expenses in the formation of the company. They spent the months and Jean Paul he never heard from the Nigerians Philipe Bellasio) nor the company he had visited in Lagos, much less the money he had turned over
The corporate authorities warned about the risks of falling into the trap of Nigerians who, according to Interpol, operate with fictitious names throughout the world and through accounts that open in London, Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland and the Bahamas.




  1. I am French and the name of Philipe Ballesio is well known in the financial market. I know an owner of a pretzel company who made an investment to expand his business in other cities of the country and it did not end well.


  2. I’m a lawyer and I have two cases about Philippe Ballesio at the table, I know he is a man quite capable of getting rid of charges and situations, so we will work to gather as much evidence as possible. I leave you my email:


  3. Philippe Ballesio must not only go to jail, he must also pay a fine to every person who has cheated, who has stolen, every scam. I’m not interested if he leaves his wife in ruins.


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